My Little Thai Restaurenat at the Mall


The first time I ever had Thai was at the mall, I know what odd place to try something so ethnic, but that is where I fell in love. I went to the mall with a friend of mine who suggested that we get some food in between our shopping, and we decided on a Thai restaurant that was right between Hot Dog on a Stick and Fresh Choice. When we sat down I asked my friend what was good and she told me, “get the pad Thai, everyone likes that.” So I decided to try that and a coke just to play it safe. My friend on the other hand went all out, and got a yellow curry with rice, some kind of chicken dish, and on top of all that asked for a Thai ice tea. When all of the food came out, and her steaming plate of curry and sweet rice smelled so spicy but mild at the same time, and my pad Thai had an amazing sweet aroma served with soft flat and skinny crunchy noodles and vegetables with a peanut sauce that was to die for. And don’t even get me started on her Thai ice tea, my god one sip of that and game over, I had to order one for myself, the sweetness of the cream and the bitterness of the tea was like a southern ice tea but with cream.

Since then I have expanded outside of the mall to more traditional looking restaurants and definitely expanded outside of the pad Thai with a coke. I love trying all of the different curries: red, green, and yellow, each one with a different type of flavor, spiciness and vegetables.

What I think I enjoy the most is that whenever I have a friend come into town or a new friend that I made, I always suggest going to a Thai restaurant, and like what my friend did for me I suggest the pad Thai,

and every time they are just as amazed by the steaming plate of food in front of them like I was when I had my first bite.

Now that I am a starving student living on a budget and literally starving half the time I have decided that I want to learn how to cook Thai food  specifically a Thai yellow curry and save money on the take out, and if this works out, maybe instead of buying my friends lunch from a Thai restaurant possibly instead make them dinner at my house and show them just how awesome I am at making an ethnic dish.

All I have to do is find the ingredients, which seems like it is going to be harder to find then I thought, but thank God I live in San Francisco where hopefully will be an advantage knowing that there are Asian food markets all around me. Let’s just hope that I am not out of my league and can pull this off successfully.

-wish me luck I am definitely going to need it.


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