My Terrible Terrible Fiasco


2Let’s just say that I was way out of my league when embarked on making Thai yellow curry. I think from this point on I am going to leave Thai cooking to the professionals. Before this whole process I thought I was pretty proficient in the kitchen. I know how to follow directions, difference between baking and grilling, how tell what tsp (teaspoon) and tbs (tablespoon) mean. But when it came to making Thai yellow curry something just didn’t add up. Still I am trying to figure out what I did wrong in the first recipe, I used the right ingredients and the right measurements but in the end it was not edible.

When I was doing to the first recipe I had the privilege of having my boyfriend in the kitchen with me helping me out as much as he could and as much as he trusted himself doing, which was basically reading the directions and stirring for me. We kind of made a date out of it, we were going to make a Thai yellow curry and then go see the Great Gatsby. Maybe we were rushing the process of making this dish in order to not miss the showing we wanted to go see, or neither of us should be in the kitchen and continue on doing take out.1

From this experience of making this yellow curry I learned that I should probably stick to things I know, like grilling chicken, potato and pasta salad, or even my infamous grilled cheese sandwich, all of which are delicious and super easy to make, and you don’t really need a recipe to make.

What is upsetting is that I thought that I was going to knock this out of the park. I thought that my yellow curry was going to turn out perfectly and delicious looking just like the picture from the recipe. I thought that I was going to show my boyfriend that I was a great chef and that I can make him his most favorite dishes and we would live happily ever after, all of which didn’t happen.

My dish came out soupy, and the noodles were soggy and had a terrible texture, the flavors were there, maybe more garlic or a little more spice would have done the trick, but again when I went on to do the second recipe, this time with chicken and no noodles, it was still soupy and the chicken was overcooked and tough.3

Maybe someday down the line I will build up enough courage to try this again, maybe one a day when I have nothing to do, or possibly find another recipe. But for now my ego has been scratched a bit that I will wait a bit longer before enduring another yellow curry fiasco.

In the end we had a few bites, and I could tell my boyfriend was trying to be nice, but I could tell behind every bite he was not enjoying any of it, so we ended up deciding that movie theater food would probably be better and more appetizing then my yellow goop, which is saying a lot about the food that I had made.

4So again what I learned from this process of cooking a new and ethnic dish is; let’s leave it to the professionals, and pay $7.95 for a plate of yellow curry.9


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